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Point-7 Swell 2012

Point-7 Swell 2012

Sizes: < 3.9  4.0 - 4.9  5.0 - 5.9
Sail type: Wave
Brand: Point-7

Point-7 is a much appreciated brand in the world of windsurfing. Their team crafts top quality sails which offer high performance and are able to shape riders into champs. In 2012 a new series of Point-7 sails is ready to revolutionize the world of windsurfing. Dedicated wave riders will love the new Swell. This sail offer a balanced mix of power and control and excels in real world wave conditions.

This amazing sail feels neutral when it runs down line and boosts a powerful drive for radical maneuvers and early planning. The refined outline, combined with the special twist profile makes the Swell extremely stable and increases the wind range. This way the rider can use the Swell without worries even in marginal wind conditions. Additional stability is provided by the solid five battens skeleton. This configuration also optimizes the foil tension and provides a balanced power delivery plus accurate control. Point-7 has used a tighter leech, to make sure that the Swell feels very soft during maneuvers and it is able to produce extra power for radical moves. This feature makes it suitable to all riders that enjoy performing nice tricks.

The Swell features a well optimized pressure point which assures neutral handling in most conditions and increases the rig’s stability. A new linear base cut provides more freedom for the rider as he performs radical cut backs. A large window panel significantly increases the rider’s visibility and allows him to spot the best waves. Point-7 has crafted the Swell using an X-ply structure. This construction makes it extremely light and responsive and virtually indestructible. The Swell is perfect for dedicated wave riders than wish to enjoy a spectacular and fun drive.