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RRD Evolution X MKIII 2011

RRD Evolution X MKIII 2011


Freeride is perhaps the most popular windsurfing discipline and gathers a huge number of fans. A dedicated freerider needs a fast, yet responsive and accurate sail to power his drives. The new 2011 Evolution X MKIII by RRD is one of the most versatile freeride sails ever and offers a unique blend of power and maneuverability. The X stands for X-Ply as the sail is crafted using a full X-Ply panel layout. This structure provides the perfect strength to weight ratio and also makes the sail more agile and dynamic. 

The RRD Evolution X MKIII runs smooth and fast from the first moment it is set on the water. It features a refined shape which keeps the draft locked at about 30% even when the profile is flattened out. Wider head profiles combined with a new cutout leech improves twists and twist control and keeps the rider in control. The reengineered foot area defines a wider surface below the boom to provide improved acceleration and extra power when needed. The innovative dynamic twist configuration implemented by RRD generates higher speed and excellent control.

A solid rod battens skeleton keeps the sail extremely stable in high winds or at high speeds. The RRD Evolution X MKIII is not only very fast. It is also easy to handle and keeps the rider comfortably in control through the entire session. It is a fast weapon in the hands of an advanced rider, but it can also be used by less experienced riders who enjoy smooth cruises. The Evolution X is available in 4.5 up to 8.0 square meters sizes and three distinct color styles.