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Simmer Style Mission 2010

Simmer Style Mission 2010

Sail type: Wave
Brand: Simmer Style

Wave riding is one of the most popular and spectacular windsurfing disciplines. Dedicated wave riders need a powerful and agile sail which can handle most wave conditions with ease. The Mission is a new generation type of sail, intended to revolutionize this discipline. It is built using a refined and aerodynamic profile which generates constant and consistent power and creates a smooth and fluid drive. The sail offers excellent down the line wave sailing performance and it can also be used by lighter riders. It is extremely light, so it feels forgiving and it is easy to handle.

A great thing about this sail is that it can be depowered when needed. When depowered it feels extremely forgiving. The longer mast and shorter boom define a high aspect ratio. Due to this high aspect ratio, the sail offers more front end power and it is easier to control. The sail uses a special batten skeleton, featuring three vertical shaped battens in the upper area and two horizontally shaped battens in the lower area. This special configuration maintains a constant shape profile and excellent draft stability. Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons are used to generate controlled power and improve the sail’s wind range.

The Simmer Style Mission generates good low end power and has excellent planning and upwind potential. It is also able to adjust itself to various wind conditions in order to provide a smooth glide. It is crafted using Monofilm and X-Ply fabrics. X-Ply panes are used in the upper body to assure top durability and Monofilm in the central area to offer a crisp and direct feel. Additional reinforcements are used in high stress areas. The Simmer Style Mission is the number one choice of many wave riding enthusiasts that enjoy exciting drives.