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About Epikoo

Hello and welcome to where it's all about water sports. is a portal and social network dedicated to water sports. We bring it all together for your fun and convenience.

From the beginner looking to get into a new sport to the more experienced individual looking for more information on specific gear, events or location.
Kiteboarding and Windsurfing gear reviews, Articles about Stand up paddle surfing, News, Videos, Events, Destinations and so much more to make your life easier and more fun. To help you spend more time enjoying the sport and less time researching online.



It all began when two best friends decided to get into the sport of Kiteboarding . It was such a hassle finding any good and/or relevant information for beginners. We didn't really know what the sport is all about, where we could some take lessons, what kind of gear we should buy, kiteboarding gear reviews, etc, etc. So many questions and not a lot of answers. 

We spent week after week trying to find this information online with not a lot of luck. Finally we've became extremely frustrated with the situation and that's when we've decided to build Epikoo. And not just for Kiteboarding reviews, but for every fun water sport like Windsurfing adnStand up paddle surfing. That's how was born.


What's next 

More sports, more relevant content. We'll be adding more sports as we go along. We're already working with various content providers to bring you the best and the latest from your favourite sports like surfing, wakeboarding, SUP. We also strongly encourage you to send us your feedback and let us know what other sports and information you'd like to see on the site. We're working hard to make it fun and easy for everyone.


Have any comments? You can contact our team any time and tell us you opinion on how to improve the site.

Also please help us improve the Kiteboarding, Windsurfing and Stand up paddle surfing gear reviews by adding you own personal gear review under one of these sections:
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