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Kiteboarding hand signals

Kiteboarding hand signals

It is important to learn how to communicate without using words. Words will be useless anyway when you are far out on the open water and no matter how hard you shout, no one will hear you. It is vital that you be able to tell someone else what you want them to do when you find yourself in a predicament.

Help – Wave both your arms in the air.

I am going to land – Pat the top of your head with one of your hands at least three times.

I am going to launch – Make a thumbs up gesture. At the same time you should yell “launch”.

I have issues with my gear – Take your control bar and wave it above your head.

Place the kite at the top – Raise both your arms above your head and use them to form an A shape.

Keep your kite high – Raise one hand straight up and with your index finger point to the sky.

Watch me – Point two fingers (the index and middle finger) at your eyes.

Head out on the open water – Stretch both your arms and point to the sea with your index fingers.

Go to the shore - Stretch both your arms and point to the shore with your index fingers.

Put down your kite – Move both your hands in a downward direction. Your index fingers must point towards the ground.