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SUP Rookies
SUP is an exciting new sport which gathers more and more fans each year. We see lots of watersports fans grabbing a SUP board and paddle and heading out on the water to enjoy a nice SUP session. But do they know the basics of this wonderful sport? We...
Wakeboarding Tips
If you love wakeboarding and consider learning this sport, the first thing you should do is pick a suitable board. If you don’t choose a correct board from the start, mastering the basic wakeboarding techniques can become a pain. Fortuna...
become a kiteboarder
Do you want to become a great kiteboarder like the ones you see on TV, online, or at the beach and perform amazing stunts? Well, it will take a little time until you can perform stunts like that, but you will definitely be able to learn the basics...
Norwalk Sailing School
When you think at extreme water sports you think at pro and hardcore riders who run at high speeds and perform extreme tricks. But they were once novice sailors and developed great skills after intensive training and school hours. If you consider...
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How to water start in kiteboarding instruction video courtesy Progression videos.
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 A video on how to pack you kite. Tutorial.
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 How to wrap your bar lines after a session.
How to launch your kite
Pull in your trim strap to a point that will allow your kite to fly stably in the given wind conditions and also allow you to properly depower the kite if necessary. Check the launch site and make sure there are no obstacles in the way - at least...
Kiteboarding hand signals
It is important to learn how to communicate without using words. Words will be useless anyway when you are far out on the open water and no matter how hard you shout, no one will hear you. It is vital that you be able to tell someone else what you...