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Hood River, USA

Hood River, USA
Region: North America
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If you are a windsurfing enthusiast than you already know that the ultimate destination for you is the great Hood river on the Columbia River Gorge. Forget about exotic beaches, palm trees and a nice mild breeze to power up your sail. Instead feel the true power and freedom while enjoying the windy conditions that this place offers. 

The Hood River is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States on the Gorge, which is regarded as the natural border between Washington and Oregon. Several camp sites, state parks, motels and hotels are located in the area for anyone who wishes to spend a nice holyday. The wind is quite intense, but the perfect time for you to practice windsurfing is between April and August, but you can still sail in the late season, from September to November.

As novice and beginner sailors might find the Hood River to be a little too much for their skills, advanced and pro riders will definitely regard it as the windsurfing paradise. The wind here is not predictable at all and it shifts direction and strength as you sail deep into the heart of the river. The currents are also tricky, but any rider who feels up to sail the Hood will enjoy a thrilling and unique experience. If you are a beginner, you still can sail down the Hood, but you must do that while being supervised by an experienced rider or an instructor. Some of the best windsurfing schools from the world are located here. At the same time, the sailors must be aware that the river is transited by a lot of ships. They must keep away for the traffic in order to stay safe and avoid getting into trouble with the locals or the law.

The river offers many places where you can camp, set up your sail and board and access the waves. Once you set sail on the Columbia River Gorge and on the Hood River, no other windsurfing experience will seem as intense and thrilling. To really enjoy the true pleasure of sailing on the Gorge it is best to spend a few days here and take advantage of the various windsurfing locations and conditions the river offers.

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