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Navodari, Romania

Navodari, Romania
Region: Europe
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Năvodari, a town in Romania, and to be more precise in the Dobrogea region, in Constanţa County, is one of the few places in Romania where you can do a spot of kiteboarding and/or windsurfing. The kite beach is near Capu Midia. Should you decide to go to Năvodari to get your kiteboarding/windsurfing fix, here are the main details you need to know about:

Go to Năvodari in late spring or in fall and you will get good winds; go in summer and you will get light winds.
The best months to go to Năvodari for wind are April May, September, October and November.

Năvodari is a shallow, flat water spot that gets small waves. The water conditions are suitable for riders of all levels, from the beginner who is just now picking up the basics up to the pro who wants to have a bit of fun.

You will need a wetsuit if you’re going to be riding in the spring or fall.

Other useful information
There’s soft sand on the shore.
Go to Mamaia if the nightlife is what you’re looking for.

Constanţa, the closest large city, is only some 20km away. Mamaia, Romania’s top summer resort and another great place to do a bit of kiteboarding, is even closer than that.

Fun fact: the name Năvodari is Romanian for "trawlers". Năvodari was originally a fishing village and that’s where it got its name.

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