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Psalidi Beach, Kos Island, Greece

Psalidi Beach, Kos Island, Greece
Region: Europe
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Kos (or Cos) is the name of an island and city in Greece. It is the name of the 40 by 8 kilometers Kos Island that is 4 kilometers away from the coast of Bodrum, Turkey and the ancient region of Caria. It is also the name of the municipality of Kos, one of the three municipalities the island comprises of; Kos is in fact the administrative center and the largest town on the island.

According to the latest statistics we could get our hands on, close to 18,000 people call Kos city home while some 30,000 people call Kos island home. Countless others call Kos a great place to go and enjoy a bit of kiteboarding and/or windsurfing. Not Kos in particular, but Psalidi Beach, a beach east of Kos.

Should you decide to go to Psalidi Beach near Naxos to have some fun in the sun, here are the main bits and pieces you need to know about this location:

The best months to go to Psalidi for wind are June, July and August.
The Meltemi thermal wind blows from the NW; it blows in the afternoon.

The water conditions are suitable for intermediate and expert riders.
You get flat water, chop, and small waves at Psalidi.
The water is rather deep.
Watch out for stones, boats and ships.
The air temperature in the summer is of about 32°C while the water temperature is of about 24°C. This means you will not need a wetsuit in the summer.

Other useful information
There’s plenty of space to launch and land your kite on the beach (there are pebbles on the beach, very little sand).
It can get pretty crowded in June, July and August.

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