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Vama Veche, Romania

Vama Veche, Romania
Region: Europe
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Located on the Black Sea coast in Romania, Vama Veche has for long been known as a place to go if you want to have some fun in the sun – and by that I mean some bare ass fun in the sun. For long Vama Veche has been known as a place where people go to camp and, well, sunbathe mainly in the nude. Nowadays the small village of Vama Veche has become a popular tourist destination that attracts thousands of Romanians each and every summer. The small, sleepy town of Vama Veche is now a vibrant summer destination (much to the dismay of those who went there to camp).

Vama Veche is also a place where you can enjoy some kiteboarding and/or windsurfing. If you’re going to Vama Veche for the kiteboarding/windsurfing and not the nightlife, rock concerts and parties, here are the main bits and pieces you need to know about:

When should you go to Vama Veche to do a bit of kiteboarding/windsurfing? The answer to that question is simple: go to Vama Veche in late spring or in fall and you will get good winds; go in summer and you will get light winds.

The best months to go to Vama Veche for wind are April May, September, October and November.

Vama Veche is a shallow, flat water spot that gets small and medium waves if the wind conditions are right. That’s to say that based on the wind conditions, you can enjoy some flat water, small waves, or medium waves in Vama Veche.

The water conditions are suitable for riders of all levels, from the beginner who is just now picking up the basics up to the pro who wants to have a bit of fun. You will need a wetsuit if you’re going to be riding in the spring or fall.

Other useful information
Vama Veche gets rather crowded in the summer.

Vama Veche has a vibrant nightlife. There are all sorts of bars and various rock concerts – but only during the summer season, which kicks off on the 1st of May and goes on until fall. The Stufstock rock festival takes place in Vama Veche each summer.

Do not leave your gear unattended as it may get stolen. Watch your belongings and your wallet!

Even though camping on the beach is forbidden, everybody does it.

Fun fact: Vama Veche is Romanian for “Old Customs”.

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