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PKRA kiteboarding world cup

PKRA - Cabarete World Cup 2011

Period: Jun 22 - Jun 26, 2011

The PKRA represents a series of freestyle, racing and wave riding official events where all the pro riders have a chance of showing their spectacular skills. These events take place all over the world, in specific kiteboarding locations, well known for the great wind and wave conditions they offer. The 2011 PKRA gathers a series of 14 events, starting with the 14 of March 2011 and ending on the 31st December 2011.

One of the most important events is the Cabarete World Cup which takes place in the Dominican Republic  from Jun-22-2011 until Jun-26-2011. Past years, the Cabarete World Cup gathered famous riders from all over the world and awesome champs like Ariel Corniel, Kevin Langeree, David Tyburski in the men’s competition and Gisela Pulido or Bruna Kajiya at women’s have emerged. 

The main discipline is freestyle, and past champs and new and talented riders have already confirmed that they will participate. The competition will take place on the Bozo Beach, Cabarete, Dominican Republic, a place well known and popular among kitesurfing enthusiasts.

The online registration for this event is due by 06-15-2011 and the fee is $105. Onsite registration or late online registration incurs an additional $25.

The organizers are Lorenzo Sancassani : and Niurka Rodriguez : New riders can send their request to log to Apart from the respect and fame the winner will earn, a prize of $42,000 is at stake.