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Nobile NHP XTR 2010
This board’s name – NHP XTR – needs a bit of deciphering. The NHP part is short for Nobile High Performance. It must be mentioned here that all the boards in the NHP range are top performance, top of the line boards. The XTR is s...
Aboards Kitesurfboard 2010
Out of all the boards on ABoards Kiteboarding’s 2010 lineup, there is only one directional board – the name of that board is Kitesurfboard. If you want a board for your freestyle session, get the ABoards-manufactured 2010 X-Series boar...
Cabrinha Thruster 2010
What Cabrinha did here is they took a classic surfboard, put it under the microscope and said “okay, let’s see how we can make this thing better.” What they came up with in the end is the 2010 Thruster, a board that takes the cla...
Cyclone Five Fin Wave
What we like about this board 3 different fin configurations In 5 fin mode the board will be able to be pushed to the max in the strongest winds and biggest waves Great upwind ability and speed at the same time.