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Aboards Kitesurfboard 2010

ABoards Kitesurfboard 2010

Kiteboard Model: Kitesurfboard
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: ABoards
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  • Multilayer glass epoxy finish
  • The areas around the pads and fins are reinforced
  • Wooden stringers offer optimal stiffness
  • The progressive rocker offers exceptional handling
  • Sharper edges at the rear
  • Squash tail
  • Wood thruster fins (colored red)

Out of all the boards on ABoards Kiteboarding’s 2010 lineup, there is only one directional board – the name of that board is Kitesurfboard. If you want a board for your freestyle session, get the ABoards-manufactured 2010 X-Series board. If you want a board that combines freestyle and freeride performance, get the 2010 Z-Series board. But if you want to get a board that feels at home in the waves, a board perfectly suited for wave riding, then there is only one ABoards-manufactured board you can get – the 2010 Kitesurfboard.

The 2010 Kitesurfboard comes with honeycomb and wood combined thruster fin set that dawns a bold red color. The fins are quite durable and resistant, and because they’re painted red, they are easier to spot in the water.

This board features extra comfy foot straps that were designed similar to Kiteboard straps. Speaking of straps, it must be mentioned that the 2010 Kitesurfboard, novice and intermediate riders are advised to go strapped in; advanced and pro riders can go strapless.

The 2010 Kitesurfboard features a multilayer glass epoxy finish, reinforced areas around the foot straps, pad and fins, wooden stringers for optimal stiffness, a progressive rocker for excellent maneuverability, sharper edges at the rear for control and clean exits, and a squash tail for stability and bottom turns.