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Axon Unite Binding 2013

Axon Unite Binding 2013


The Axon Unite Binding is designed to be used with any twin tip kiteboard and provide perfect adjustment and excellent comfort. As the guys at Axon say, it is the latest in twintip pad and strap technology. This binding system features an internal strap structure that connects directly to the pad plate to secure your feet in place.

The pad is engineered using injection molded EVA, ergonomically formed to fit your foot. An arch support and toe bars provide a secure fit once you place your foot in the strap. Dual-Velcro adjustment straps assure that your foot fits perfectly, regardless of its size. A 10 hole adjustment pattern and sliding strap positioning system on the ABS plate assure perfect setup for your ride by providing multiple stance options.

The molded internal structure, based on side pieces that angle the strap perfectly, provides comfortable support for your feet during long sessions. The Axon Unite Binding is a one size fits all binding system.

You can check out the promo clip for the Unite Binding here.

Axon Unite Binding 2013 Reviewed on May 15th 2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

the Unite binding looks and feels great. It has a single plate design, so it's easy to fit on any board. it accommodates the foot really comfortable. the pad is soft, but it's not shape distorting. damps shocks from tough landings really well...more