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Best Lux Air Footpad and Strap V1

Best Lux Air Footpad and Strap V1


out of fitting straps to your new board. The footpad provides exceptional grip, shock dampening and comfort. It features an innovative composite reinforced connection block hooks onto each end of your straps to allow you fit the straps in seconds and without effort.

With the Best Lux Air Footpad V1 you will see no more crossed threads or loose straps ever again. The Fit-Block strap and pad set allows you to set up the perfect fit for all your riding needs, due to a new strap connection system which provides a wider range of adjustability. You can adjust the strap tension and angle position without any hassle.

* After the first run of 2010 Sparks (sizes 130, 135, 140, easily identifiable by a red rail), board inserts were changed from Imperial to Metric. All Best Boards going forward will come with Metric Inserts. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT, if you are ordering footstraps for ANY OLD MODEL BEST BOARD, that you indicate to your salesrep, or order-taker, or on your order, that you will need IMPERIAL SCREWS.