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Cabrinha H2 2014

Cabrinha H2 2014


The Cabrinha H2 binding system is part of the Hydra Series and it provides a natural and comfortable connection between the feet and board. They are designed to provide perfect cushioning, lock-on feel and grip and they suppress impact shocks.

As the guys at Cabrinha say, the H2 steps up the connection equation with a two strap, wide body backless binding. The wider base and fuller coverage keeps the feet optimally cushioned and locked in to provide more control and create optimal edge pressure for throwing tricks. The footbed is very soft and absorbs rough shocks when you land hard.

The Triple Density Pad assures a comfortable ride and excellent grip plus superior impact resistance. The heel pad inserts are customizable, so you can adjust the ride from Hard and Responsive to Soft and Comfortable. A special Triple Position Duck Adjustment is used so the rider can benefit from a Personalized Stance.

The H2 system features an Industry Standard 6” Mounting Pattern and it comes with M6 Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware and the Cabrinha Multi Tool.

You can check out how the H2 binding system works in this video.