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Dakine Fusion 2013

Dakine Fusion 2013


The Fusion is part of the new series of seat harnesses introduced by Dakine this season. It is designed to make you feel safe and comfortable during each of your sessions. The Fusion is a great harness for entry level riders that need an increased level of support, but it is also perfect for seasoned riders that spend a lot of time in the water and face challenging conditions.

It features a Hammerhead spreader bar and an Ergonomic spreader bar pad to provide superior load dispersion in order to make the ride hassle free. It also features a special 8-Point load dispersion system. This way any unwanted pressure point which can appear due to a high load is eliminated. The spreader bar height can be adjusted to accommodate the rider’s body shape and size.

The Segmented inner support structure assures a reliable load distribution and provides a natural fit onto the body. The comfort is further enhanced by a Featherweight ES foam molded lumbar pad. The leg straps are extremely comfortable and do not interfere with the rider’s natural movements. The Power Clip Lock buckle system keeps it well secured and tightly wrapped.

Other technical features include: Dual blade hook knife, Independent primary and secondary power belt, Integrated handle and leash attachment and compatibility with Sliding Spreader Bar and Leverlock Spreader Bar.
It is available in XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL sizes and comes in Black, Red and Charcoal color schemes.

You can see some of the Fusion's features explained in this video.