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Dakine Starlet 2013

Dakine Starlet 2013


The 2013 Dakine Starlet Kiteboarding Harness Shorts are the top choice for the ladies looking for performance and style. It combines the functionality and efficiency of a top performance harness with the stylish look of cool boardshorts. The shorts are crafted from lightweight, top quality quick dry fabrics and hide lots of features.

Since this boardshorts harness is built especially for women, it features a special design which can accommodate their fragile silhouettes with ease. The Starlet is secured and kept in place by a Power Clip Lock Buckle system. It uses a Hammerhead spreader bar plus an Ergonomic spreader bar pad to provide a superior level of support and comfort.

This harness is able to disperse high loads very easily, due to the use of an 8-Point load dispersion system. This feature enhances comfort and prevents unwanted pressure points. Very comfortable leg straps keep the legs supported, but without interfering with the rider’s freedom of movement.

Additional features:
- Dual blade hook knife
- Removable handle and leash attachment
- Sliding spreader bar compatible
- Leverlock spreader bar compatible

6 SB= 8" [ 20cm ]
8 SB= 8" [ 20cm ]
10 SB= 8" [ 20cm ]
12 SB= 10" [ 25cm ]
14 SB= 10" [ 25cm ]