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Dakine Vario 2013

Dakine Vario 2013


The Vario is an ergonomic footstrap designed to keep your feet securely connected with the board in order to boost your control and comfort during each session. These straps provide a solid lock and prevent unwanted slip even you encounter challenging situations. They provide a solid and optimal connection with the board.

The Vario straps feature a dual side entry, so there is no chance for you to mount them in the wrong way. The extra wide design assures a solid foot lock, by spreading pressure over the entire foot. This feature also enhances your control over the board.

The special twist control system improves the foot lock. Even in challenging situations, when the feet tend to twist the straps and slip out, this won’t happen. The straps maintain their shape and profile and keep the feet secured.
The Vario straps work perfect with the surfboards. They feature single and double insert compatibility and are sold in pairs.