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Epic Harness 2012

Epic Harness 2012


The 2012 harness by Epic is developed by taking into consideration the input of a large number of riders, in order to provide maximum comfort and safety. As a matter of fact, the guys at Epic have taken out anything you don’t like in a harness and they added all the things you want into this piece of gear.

The Epic harness is built with special focus on comfort. It is extremely light and has a special feature which prevents the spreader bar to slide up. Wrapped around your waist, the harness provides perfect support and cushions your kidneys, back and ribs with care.

The feather light design makes it easy to fit and wear. The Hammerhead spreader bar features a thick bar pad and a removable hold down webbing. The Integrated handle/leash attachment with ring makes the harness easy to attach and detach. The Epic Harness also features a handy pocket with Velcro locking tab in which you can carry a screw driver, keys, a knife, a safety flare or anything else.

The harness is built using a Pre-curved support structure which allows it to fit naturally onto your waist. It is available in XS up to XXL sizes. The XS size is perfect for kids.

You can take a look at the Epic Harness presentation here.

Epic Harness 2012 Reviewed on Apr 12th 2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

This waist harness is simple and efficient. It's easy to fit on the body and really nice padded. it' easy to strap and buckle. the excess straps go into side pockets to keep them from hanging. an extra strap across the front side secures the...more