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FixMyKite Travel Fix Kit

FixMyKite Travel Fix Kit


The FixMyKite Travel Fix Kit is the perfect repair solution for your kite, board or harness  on the road. You probably must know that there is nothing more disturbing than finding out that your kite is damaged while you are on a kiteboarding trip.

If your kite, board or harness is damaged, it is recommended to fix them at a specialized shop, but if you are on the road, it can be difficult to find one or the repair can cost a lot or take time, time which you don’t want to waste on land and you’d rather spend it on water. Well, this is when the FixMyKite Travel Fix Kit comes in handy. It has anything you need to repair minor or more serious problems on your kite, board and harness.

The FixMyKite Travel Fix Kit includes: Sewing all, 2 Tear Aid Patches, Dakine Cool Tool, 2 Leader/Bridle line sets (8ft), 2 feet 2" Clear Sail Tape, 2 feet 2" Black Sail Tape, 4 Universal Pigtails, 2 feet 3" Dacron White, 2 feet 3" Dacron Black, 1 pair Scissors, 2 feet 1" clear sail tape, 2 feet 1" black sail tape, 1 Cool Tool, Sleeving Kit (4 Sleeves + Tool), 2 pulleys. And it’s all packed up in a nice Dakine travel case.