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FixMyKite Ultimate Fix Kit

FixMyKite Ultimate Fix Kit


There is nothing more disturbing than finding out that your kite is damaged, especially in the middle of your session. It is advised that you repair the kite at a specialized shop, but this takes time and can cost a lot.

Well, the guys at FixMyKite have come up with the perfect solution for you: the Ultimate Fix Kit. It is a repair kit designed by kiteboarders for kiteboarders and it packs anything a hardcore kiteboarder needs to repair his kite and get back on track.

This kit is really easy to use and packs anything you need to repair minor or more serious problems, from sail rips to bladder holes. As the guys at FixMyKite say, no repair is too big or small for this kit to handle. And all the stuff is packed in a cool Dakine Tackel Box.

The kit contains:
2 Bladder Patches
2 Alcohol Pads
2 8 foot segments of leader line
1 8 foot segment of 3/16 inch chickenloop line
4 Universal Pigtails
1 Set of Kook-Proof Pigtails (set of 8)
1 Pair of scissors
1 Dakine Cool Tool
1 Sewing Awl
1 Sleeving Kit
1 Set of Pulley Savers
1 Micro Hook Braiding Kit
2 Stainless Steel Rings
3 Valve Caps
4 Ronstan Pulleys
2 Leash caribiners
1 One Pump Kit with zipties
1 Self Launch tool
1 Kitefix mini repair kit
2 feet 1" clear sail tape
2 feet 1" black sail tape
2 feet 2" clear sail tape
2 feet 2" black sail tape
2 feet 3" white dacron tape
2 feet 3" black dacron tape

FixMyKite Ultimate Fix Kit Reviewed on Jun 22nd 2013
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

when you talk about complete kite survival fix kit, this is it. it packs rings, lines, pulley, tear repair stuff and lots of other stuff. It is not the most compact kit, but it's worth having around. you never know when something goes wrong with...more