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Gath Gedi

Gath Gedi


The Gath Gedi is the helmet you need to keep you safe during your water sports sessions. It provides you with superior head protection no matter what sport you are into. It is perfect for beginners that need to feel safe while learning the basics of their favorite water sport, as well as for extreme athletes who ride in difficult conditions and face dangerous challenges.

As the guys at Gath say, the Gedi ombines higher levels of impact protection with close fitting comfort and low drag performance. It is a fully convertible helmet, which is built using an ergonomic design. It provides you with reliable protection as well as a high level of comfort.

The Gedi is equipped with removable ear protectors which you can take off in case you don’t need them. It also features a visor which protects your eyes from water splashes and UV light. The visor is also removable and can be taken off if you don’t consider it necessary. Gath’s Comfort Strip Fitting System allows you to fit it very comfortable on your head.

The Gath Gedi  is available in S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXL sizes.

You can see the Gedi in action here.

Gath Gedi Reviewed on Sep 10th 2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

It's extremely comfortable to wear and stays well fit. It's great for kiteboarding and windsurfing. The visor sheds no glare and the ear pieces come off. It's great for kayaking and boarding too. It is light and protects you from all impa...more