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ION Plasma Shoes 2013

ION Plasma Shoes 2013


If you ride in waters that hide potential dangers for your feet or in cold environments, or if you just don’t like to ride barefoot, the ION Plasma Shoes are the perfect solution for you. They offer excellent comfort, top protection and are very light. You won’t even feel them, but you are protected.

The Plasma shoes are crafted using S-Type Neoprene to provide a super flex fit, Cyber Stretch fabrics to assure elasticity, and D-fence Nylon to provide a robust structure with optimal stretch proprieties. They feature flat lock, flexible, non irritating seams.

An anti-slip rubber pattern provides good stability and creates a barefoot feel. The shoes fell very natural and comfortable when worn. A flex control system, based on a striped print on the instep, assures a better stance and stability by reducing the stretch in this area. A special donut cuff, made of one piece of Neoprene provides slick cuff sealing without seams. The boots feature a Glide Skin inside ankle PU-coating that prevents rashes and assures water sealing.

The Plasma Shoes are available in 36/5, 37/6, 38–39/7, 40–41/8, 42/9, 43–44/10, 45–46/11 and 47–48/12 sizes.

ION Plasma Shoes 2013 Reviewed on Apr 11th 2013
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

The shoes are comfortable and feel soft on the feet. They're stretchy and are well sealed. I don't think they're made for protection, but rather to keep your feet warm. They provide some protection, but only to a certain extent. If you st...more