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Litewave Sandal Bindings 2013

Litewave Sandal Bindings 2013


As the Litewave team says, the patent-pending Litewave Foot Lock System (FLS) Sandal is one of the best foot-to-board connection available today. The Sandal is a combination of bindings and straps/pad system which keeps the feet comfortable, yet locked in tight and secure.

This foot lock system comes with all Litewave boards, but it can also accommodate any other board and can be purchased separately. It features an injection molded pad, contoured to keep your heel locked in and fit your arch. The pad is also very soft and able to absorb shocks. A Thermoformed grip insert adds superior traction.

Unlike a classic strap, a 6” wide lace-up section covers a wider section of your feet to assure better edge control and prevent you from slipping. A four point connection eliminates fore-aft rocking to improve the direct edge control. This way, when you put pressure on your toes, 100% of the energy is transferred to the edge of the board.

The Lace-up strap part is attaches to the footpad independently of the screw that holds the pad onto the board. This feature makes it easy to attach and remove, allowing it to behave like a wake binding.

Toy can check out how the Litewave FLS Sandal works in this video.

Litewave Sandal Bindings 2013 Reviewed on Apr 11th 2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

I just got the litewave sandal bindings. they're great. feels so solid and give you a comfortable locked in feel. like riding with boots. the feet slide in and out easily and the grip is excellent. they also provide a more stable feel when ridin...more

Litewave Sandal Bindings 2013 Reviewed on Jun 2nd 2013
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

it's not like riding boots, but the comfort and lock feel are great. very secure bindings. great for barefoot rides. the padding is great and the grip very reliable. they can adjust big feet, small feet, pretty much anything. it keeps the feet ve...more