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Naish Alana 2013

Naish Alana 2013


The Alana waist harness is designed especially for the ladies who love kiteboarding. It is built using a special 3D shaping that fits a woman’s curves perfectly. The 3D fit technology makes it extremely comfortable and assures perfect support, without restricting the freedom of movement at all.

The harness features a narrower profile which makes it lighter and assures a wider range of motion. This feature also allows it to accommodate slimmer bodies easily. Lateral movement is enhanced by the curved fit in the hip area. A wide range of adjustment and an ergonomic fit is provided by two levels of tensioning.

The Alana is ergonomically curved in the molding process, with horizontal/vertical seam shapes to follow the shape of your body for maximum support and comfort. It features a click-in spreader bar and a soft bar pad. Extra support for the back and lumbar area is provided by soft padded, stiff thermo formed pieces. All the internal and external elements are designed to help spread the load throughout the entire harness.

Round and soft edges protect the skin from contact with hard surfaces to assure maximum comfort. The interior is made from FurTech, 100% virgin Snipe, farm-raised and non- GMO fed.