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Naish Balance 2013

Naish Balance 2013


The Balance is a seat harness designed to offer superior lower back and hip support, as well as unrestricted freedom of movement. It is the perfect harness for those riders who love comfortable long sessions and need to feel secure at all times. The integrated click-in spreader bar makes it very efficient.

The Balance has a very smart design. The strategic synch strap placement puts the hook in a low position to allow the body full range of motion, while supporting the lower back and waist. It has a narrow profile which allows it to accommodate even slimmer bodies and assures a better freedom of movement. At the same time, two levels of tensioning assure an optimal fit and make it easy to adjust.

Split side load-spreading patches help the load spread through the entire harness for superior support. As a matter of fact, all the internal and external elements are designed to help spread the load. Extra back support is provided by soft padded and stiff thermo-formed pieces.

Dual elastic abdominal belts provide extra Soft fabric covers our seat harness leg straps, to protect the skin. Soft and rounded edges prevent the skin from coming into contact with hard surfaces to increase comfort. The harness features a Heavy-duty handle pass leash and an ergonomic handle plus Neoprene buckle covers.

Naish Balance 2013 Reviewed on May 11th 2013
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

It is designed to suit the body just right. perfect for jumping and cruising around. It felt a bit stiff at first, but with minor adjustments it's very comfortable and non restrictive.