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Naish Balance 2014

Naish Balance 2014


The Balance seat harness form Naish combines lower back and hip support with maximum comfort and a versatile freedom of movement. It is perfect for beginner and intermediate riders, as well as for advanced riders that enjoy a comfortable ride.

The harness features a lower back shape. The narrower profile allows for an increased freedom of movement. Special, dual tension belts are used to provide two levels of tensioning for a perfect fit and better adjustment. The soft, rounded edges of the harness improve comfort.

The internal and external structural elements form a load-spreading structure that allows for an even load distribution throughout the harness to avoid pressure points. A PU-coated line runs across the back of the harness to attach your leash to.

The Balance is equipped with a click-in spreader bar. The soft legs straps provide additional support. Naish has built the Balance using a 3D-fit technology. The harness is ergonomically curved in the molding process with horizontal and vertical seam shapes that follow the anatomic shape of the body to provide you with perfect support and comfort.

You can see the 2014 Naish harnesses presented at Surf Expo in this video.