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Naish Defender 2014


The Defender is the perfect impact vest for entry level riders that want to enjoy kiteboarding and benefit from extra safety. It is also the perfect tool for experienced riders that charge hard and need the confidence to push their skills to new levels.

The Defender vest protects the ribs, stomach, upper torso and back perfectly. If you hit the water at high velocity or from a significant height you can sustain serious injuries. It is not the case if you have the Naish Defender wrapped around you.

The vest features a soft Neoprene lining which provides perfect cushioning for your body. The larger arm holes provide non-restrictive movement, while the ergonomic body structure assures a perfect, comfortable fit.

The Vest features a special, triple-density impact diffuser, which reduces shock impact. A strong front zipper keeps the vest secured onto your body. The Vest incorporates the quad stretch technology, based on strategically placed material, which allows the back to move freely while increasing your range of motion in all directions.