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Naish Mafia 2014

Naish Mafia 2014


The Mafia waist harness incorporates modern and innovative technologies to provide you with the perfect support and comfort during all your rides. It uses a new load-distributing molded shell with ergonomic inner structure that allows for a superior fit and support and increased mobility.

The Mafia harness is perfect for riders looking for support, comfort and extra freedom of movement. It is the perfect harness for freestyle and freeride.  It features a click-in spreader bar built into the streamlined bar pad with memory foam for increased ribcage protection and a stabilizer strap to keep it in place. Dual elastic abdominal belts are used to provide two levels of tensioning for a perfect fit and plenty of adjustments.

An ergonomic, pre-formed inner structure with a full wrap design ensures a perfect fit onto the body. At the same time, a rash-free, soft neoprene material is used on the inside for superior comfort. The Mafia uses a Load Distributing Molded Shell, based on a single load-spreading truss structure that minimizes material use and maximizes strength.

Thermo-formed inserts located on the interior of the harness provide high traction and perfect grip without restricting your freedom of movement in any way. The harness is built using a 3D fit technology, which ensures a perfect fit and support.

You can check out the 2014 Naish harnesses presented at Surf Expo here.