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Naish Moto 2013

Naish Moto 2013


The Moto is the waist harness of choice for dedicated freeride and freestyle enthusiasts. It provides a superior freedom of movement and allows the rider to twist, rotate and perform an entire range of other moves with ease. The harness is built using a special pre-formed lower back shaping which assures superior lumbar support without affecting the body’s freedom of movement at all.

The Moto features a narrower profile which makes it lighter and assures an increased range of motion. At the same time, the curved fit in the hip area assures better lateral movement by eliminating excess fabric. Two levels of tensioning assure an optimal fit as well as a wide range of adjustment. The fit, tension and support are further improved by the use of Dual elastic abdominal belts.

All the internal and external pieces that form the harness are structured to help spread the load throughout the entire harness for best support. Extra back support is also provided by Thermo-formed pieces with extra padding and stiffness.

Rounded, soft edges protect the body from coming into contact with hard surfaces. The interior is made from soft neoprene and tricot for maximum comfort. For maximum performance, the Moto uses an integrated click-in spreader bar.


Naish Moto 2013 Reviewed on Apr 2nd 2013
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

it's well built and very light. i got it after christmas and i'm using it all the time. it's comfortable, and doesn't ride up. not a problem with that. the only thing i miss is a bit more lower back support. i've used only seat h...more

Naish Moto 2013 Reviewed on May 26th 2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

very simple, clean and easy to adjust. it's definitely a plus that it doesn't have extra junk on it. it's comfortable, supports the waist well and flexible. it's durable, there are no metal or plastic parts poking the skin. great qu...more