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Naish Moto 2014

Naish Moto 2014


The Moto waist harness is designed by Naish to take care of all your freeride and freestyle needs. It fits the anatomic shape of the body and provides a perfect support for cruising, performing big airs and cool new-school tricks.
The harness is equipped with an integrated spreader bar which streamlines the harness design and offers an extremely lightweight package. It features a pre-formed lumbar shaping that ensures optimal support without interfering with the rider’s freedom of movement.

The thermo-formed pieces contain extra padding and stiffness for additional ergonomic back support. A load-spreading structure, based on special internal and external structural elements, helps spread the load throughout the entire harness to maximize comfort and support.

The Moto features a contoured side shape. A curved fit in the hip area eliminates excess fabric to increase the rider’s side movement. The higher back cut increases support for maximum load spread over the widest surface of your back. The harness uses a dual tension belt which provides two levels of tensioning for a perfect fit and wide range of adjustment.

The Spreader Bar is integrated into the structure of the harness to protect your ribs and keep it securely in place without the use of an additional bar pad. A PU-coated line runs across the back of the harness to attach your leash to.

You can check out the 2014 Naish harnesses presented at Surf Expo here.