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North Kite Vest Waist 2013

North Kite Vest Waist 2013


The North Kite Vest Waist provides superior impact protection and floatation for any rider. It is designed to be used with waist harnesses. This is the perfect accessory for the rider learning the first steps of kiteboarding, as well as for the big wave chargers who are looking for adrenaline and perform stunning and dangerous moves.

The Kite Vest Waist uses an ergonomic design which allows it to fit the perfect shape of the body to keep the rider as comfortable as possible. It provides excellent protection without restricting his freedom of movement.

The vest is cushioned in key areas to assure optimal protection and feel light as a feather. An internal neoprene belt prevents the vest from slipping when in action. A velcro-fastener allows it to fit any body shape and assure a perfect fit. A side zipper allows the rider suit up or take off the vest in seconds. The zipper is rust and tear resistant.

The North Kite Vest Waist is available in S, M, L and XL sizes.