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NP Surf Gravity Seat 2014

NP Surf Gravity Seat 2014


The NP Surf Gravity Seat is built for the kiteboarder who spends a long time on the water and demands uncompromised performance. It is also a great harness for the beginner riders that need increased support. It is a seat harness, but it is not restrictive with your freedom of movement. In fact, it provides a dynamic support.

The Gravity Seat features a pre-bent shape which allows it to completely wrap around the hip and seat area, fitting the anatomic shape of the body for perfect support, comfort and mobility. The click-in leg straps are easy to fit too and provide superior comfort and support.

A 3D shaped Neoprene foam interior, featuring an outer lining of nylon jersey, assures a comfortable layering between your body and harness and assures a cozy fit. You can set up the amount of support and mobility using the adjustable back support straps.  Other features include: Deep inner seams to avoid scratches, Detachable Handle pass line, Tie-down strap and Replaceable spreader bar webbing straps.

The Gravity Seat uses the S1 Spreader Bar, built from forged aluminum. It is light and durable and allows for an even load distribution due to its special shape. The kite hook is pulled in deeper and rounder to ensure a superior freedom of movement and a secured hooked in stance.

The NP Surf Gravity Seat is available in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes.

You can see the 2014 NP Surf harnesses presented at Surf Expo here.

NP Surf Gravity Seat 2014 Reviewed on Apr 1st 2014
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

This is the harness you want if you need extra support. It wraps around the waist and hips in an ergonomic way and keeps you well supported. It's not restrictive or anything and it cushions the body really well. It's perfect for entry level r...more