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NP Surf Lucifer 2014

NP Surf Lucifer 2014


The NP Surf Lucifer is engineered to keep you warm in extreme environments. So, if you ride in arctic waters, you’ll have no worries. The four layers of insulation, each of them designed with specific purpose, provide windproofing, waterproofing and keep the suit breathable.

A S5 limestone Neoprene neck seal and latex ankle and wrist seals prevent the water from spilling in. The Lucifer looks like a smoking two-piece but is actually one, joined in the middle, to provide better water proofing. It features a special ‘pee-zipper’ that comes in handy for long sessions. A removable hood provides extra wind protection for your head.

An interesting thing is that the harness can be fitted inside the suit. The front of the jacket has two reinforced holes so the harness goes under the jacket. Waterproof tape used on all seams and specific latex seals prevent water from getting in. The Lucifer drysuit is extremely wind and water-proof, moisture permeable and comfortable next to skin and provides durable water repellency. It comes in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes.

You can see the Lucifer drysuit put to the test in this video.

NP Surf Lucifer 2014 Reviewed on Mar 3rd 2014
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

The Lucifer Drysuit really helps you fight wind and cold out on the sea. I own a 2012/2013 model and it's like a cushioning shell against cold when I wear it. I tried the new model too. It's more flexible and has very smooth seals. It's m...more