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Ocean Rodeo Soul 2013

Ocean Rodeo Soul 2013


The Ocean Rodeo Soul is a drysuit designed to keep you warm and comfortable during your kiteboarding, SUP and other water sports sessions you enjoy. It offers a greater flexibility than a classic wetsuit, plus customizable levels of warmth.

The Soul is crafted using waterproof breathable trilaminate material featuring a salt water resistant Polyurethane breathable membrane. The breathable membrane or VentOR works perfectly in both fresh and salt waters. The Soul also features a stylish design. Although it looks like a 2 piece jacket and pants, it is actually a 100% one piece suit.

It features a removable hood which can be taken off at any time the rider wishes. Suiting up or taking the suit off is very easy due to the use of a self entry dry zip design. A harness hook sits inside a special pocked which can be accessed with ease. On the sides, the suit features hand warming pockets. The neck, wrists and ankles are protected by latex seals. A small chest pocket allows you to carry your keys, iPod or other small equipment. The lower part of the feet is protected by sand and gravel guards.

The Ocean Rodeo Soul comes in a wide size range, from XXS to XXXL.

You can check out the Soul drysuit in action in this video.

Ocean Rodeo Soul 2013 Reviewed on May 17th 2013
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

it's great for temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius and even below and chilly winds like 25-30 knots. it keeps me worm and feels very natural. very comfortable too. if you kite/sup/windsurf cold destinations i recommend it....more

Ocean Rodeo Soul 2013 Reviewed on Jun 3rd 2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

not only that it keeps you worm, but it is very, very comfortable. doesn't restrict movement at all. it's not restricting the freedom of movement like other dry suits. the insulation can be adjusted depending on temperature and the suit is &...more