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Prolimit HighBack 2012

Prolimit HighBack 2012


The HighBack is part of the kitesurf seat harness series introduced by Prolimit in 2012. It is designed to withstand the forces created by kites and provide the rider with optimal support and comfort.

Having a pull more vertically than horizontally, the shape of the buttocks and legstraps are completely kite specific. This seat harness is perfect for entry level riders that need more support, as well as for more experienced riders that spend a lot of time out on the water during their sessions.

It offers a high level of back support and it feels solid. It is not extremely flexible, since the focus is on support, but it does not feel restrictive, not it interferes with the rider’s freedom of movement. The upper part is built using a 3D moulded design to assure an ergonomic fit and optimal comfort. It also assures excellent support. The classic seat part is extremely comfortable and keeps the rider securely locked in.

The Prolimit HighBack seat harness accommodates the natural shape of the body and feels light and reliable. A special slide in bar pad is used for extra protection.

The Prolimit HighBack is available in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes.