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Prolimit School Harness 2012

Prolimit School Harness 2012


As the name states, the School Harness was designed by Prolimit especially for teaching purposes. This is a perfect harness for the first time kiter, who needs to learn the secrets of kiteboarding and requires extra safety, support and comfort. Having a pull more vertically than horizontally, the shape of the buttocks and legstraps are completely kite specific.

This seat harness offers a high back support and excellent feet support. It is able to accommodate the rider very comfortable and keeps him safe. It provides superior support, without interfering with the rider’s freedom of movement. It is designed to withstand the forces created by kites without creating pressure points on the rider’s body. The harness diffuses the load over the back part to keep the rider comfortable and safe.

It is built using a True 3D Shaping technology which allows it to wrap around the body in a very natural way. The Full Neoprene Anti Rash Inside provides a smooth cushioning and enhances comfort. The School Harness features a Patented Pin Release, a QR leash to handle pass leash rope and it is equipped with a bar pad.

It is available in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes and each size has a color indication.