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Prolimit Stuntman 2013

Prolimit Stuntman 2013


The Stuntman is a limited edition waist harness designed by Prolimit for the rider who need no compromise performance. It is based on the Vertigo harness, but it is further improved to offer even better support and comfort. It is a perfect choice for the rider who loves freestyle or likes to perform advanced technical tricks.

It is designed especially for kiteboarding, and entire construction, belt system and distribution forces within the harness are optimized to match the pulling forces from kites. It offers a high backs support and a firm flex. It is able to distribute the load created by the kite through the back part in order to prevent unwanted pressure points on the rider’s body.

The Stuntman is built using a true 3D shaping and pre curved structure which allows it to accommodate the rider’s body in a very natural way and feel very comfortable when wrapped around the waist. It features an integrated floating pillow and neoprene belt to maximize comfort and assure a great fit. The belt adjusts independently of the rest of the harness. It is also equipped with an integrated barpad system which doesn’t move and creates a perfect one piece circle around the waist.

The Stuntman comes in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes and it is available in two options: with plastic buckle and with metal buckle.

You can check out the 2013 Prolimit harnesses and wetsuits at Surf Expo here.