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RRD E-Qlzr Harness KS 2013

RRD E-Qlzr Harness KS 2013


The new E-Qlzr Harness KS is designed as an all-round waist harness to suit all riders and all styles. It provides the support, safety and freedom of movement any rider appreciated during his sessions. It is equipped with a specific full padded kiteboarding spreader bar which makes it very efficient. It can also be used for windsurfing.

The E-Qlzr features an ergonomic design, based on an internal moulded support and a reduced walling thickness which allows it to wrap itself onto the body of the rider, providing maximum support and comfort. A quick lock harness metal release is used to fit both windsurfing and kiteboarding needs. A metal retractable rings system allows the rider transform the E-Qlzr from a kiteboarding harness to a windsurfing harness. The rings can be hidden is special side pockets.

The RRD E-Qlzr Harness KS is built using a moulded exterior shell with Carbonized look fabric. It features a moulded EVA interior plus a double sleeve of elastic and neoprene lockband on the side.