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RRD KR Seat 2014

RRD KR Seat 2014


The KR Seat harness is part of RRD’s new complete collection of Harnesses designed specifically for each different program of use. The new harness models are shaped around the most diverse body shapes and engineered for multiple styles.

The KR Seat is the perfect harness for racing and slalom disciplines. It is engineered to provide maximum support at high speeds, without interfering with the rider’s freedom of movement. It features a low hook position to improve support when riding fully powered. The Neoprene leg straps keep the harness in place at all times.

The inner structure is designed to spread the kite pulling force evenly, to prevent unwanted pressure points. The KR Seat is also very comfortable. The pre- curved design allow it wrap tightly and comfortably around the body, for maximum safety and support. The higher back cut adds extra support too.

Extra features: Spreader downhaul leg straps, Neoprene edges, Leash rings, Leash front connection, Knife and Spreader protector.