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RRD The Shift 2014

RRD The Shift 2014


The Shift from RRD is a part of a new complete collection of Harnesses designed specifically for each different program of use. It is a high end waist harness that can accommodate various body shapes with ease and provides the rider with a perfect support and comfort.

It is a harness that can be used for multiple disciplines, but it really excels in wave riding and freestyle. It is intended for powerful riding. The slimmer outline allows you twist and spin with ease, without restricting any of your movements.

A flatter lower back section keeps you well supported, while the pre shaped internal plate reinforced with fiberglass battens makes the kite wrap around your waste, following your body’s anatomical lines. The EVA and Neoprene interior keeps you comfortable throughout the entire ride.

The Shift comes in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes.

Additional features:
- Spreader downhaul
- Kite hook
- Knife
- X-tra HP-leash connection on front
- Quick release closure
- Spreader protector