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RRD Skin Harness 2013

RRD Skin Harness 2013


The new RRD Skin Harness is designed to provide maximum support, while having a reduced thickness. The reduced thickness makes the harness light and much more comfortable. It is actually the thinnest and softest harness in the RRD collection.

The Skin Harness wraps comfortably around the waist and fits the anatomic shape of the body to keep the rider comfortable for long sessions. It’s easy to fit onto the body and it stays put, without riding up when performing tricks or crashing.

The harness also features a minimalistic outline, which assures complete freedom of movement. There’s plenty support without any restrictions of movement. The padding is very soft to provide maximum comfort. For maximum safety, the harness features a new flyinglines cutter.

The RRD Skin Harness features a moulded exterior shell with Carbonized look fabric and an interior moulded EVA ergonomic waist with double sleeve of elastic and neoprene lockband on the side. It comes in XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL sizes.