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Switch Kites Extreme Element Protection 2013


The Switch Extreme Element Protection is not only a high performance wetsuit, but also a very stylish one. It is designed using Switch’s liquid Seam System, based on a combination of glued and blindstitched seams sealed with mitsu aqua tape, which provides a 100% waterproof seam that also retains body heat.

The top main layer is made from water friendly neoprene-like material. In contact with water molecules, this material becomes softer and stretchier. This layer allows water molecules to penetrate it. A second layer prevents water molecules from penetrating through to the bottom layer and acts as a buffer between the first and third layer. The third layer is designed to vulcanize different textured surfaces with extreme adhesive power while being resistant to the sodium chloride in seawater.

The suit also features an ankle locker, designed using a detachable velcro lockers tighten around the ankles to prevent high pressured water from entering, A hydro grip lock composed of a rubberized grip system that prevents the water from flowing on ankle and wrists, a hydro vent which is a small opening on the ankle to release water trapped in the wetsuit a suportex knee pad and a chest zip system.