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Airush FS 2010

Airush FS 2010

Kiteboard Model: FS
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Airush
Best For
Board sizes

Model: 132
Length and width: 132 x 39cm

Model: 138
Length and width: 138 x 40cm

Model: 142
Length and width: 142 x 42cm

  • Specifically designed for freestyle
  • Multizone Biotech construction
  • 3D core taper
  • The stiffest flex curve in all of Airush’s boards
  • Square ABS rail
  • Single concave bottom shape
  • Flat rocker
  • Airush Metro fins
  • Gloss PPT bottom deck, gloss PPT top deck
  • A very durable board

Are you planning on going out to enjoy a nice freestyle session? If you are, then you could get the Airush Vapor X kite and be on your way. This is the sort of kite that provides the ultimate experience as far as versatility goes. But if you want to have the best freestyle session you can have, then you need to complement this high performance kite with the right board.

This is where the Airush-developed FS board comes in. This board has been developed by Airush to meet the specific needs of the freestyle enthusiasts. This fact is obvious from the board’s name – FS stands for freestyle. As Airush explained, the 2010 FS board “defines freestyle performance”.

Out of all the boards Airush developed, this one has the stiffest flex curve and an outline that has been specifically optimized to offer maximum drive in powered moves.

The 2010 FS board features Airush’s Multizone Biotech construction. This means the board has a vertical wooden core combined with a stepped construction and an ABS rail. The fact that the board features Airush’s Multizone Biotech construction means it is smooth, lightweight, and responsive.