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Epikoo Live Scoring System

Epikoo Live Scoring

Epikoo Live Scoring system has been launched by the team behind and is being used by water sports event organizations around the world. The most famous being PKRA - Pro Kiteboarding Tour.

The scoring system is based on the Android platform. Judges are using Android tablets to score tricks performed by the riders during a heat. This information is being sent live to a main computer and approved by the main judge/organizer and then posted on the competition website live and immediately update for the benefits of all viewers.



Epikoo Live Scoring System


Here's a breakdown of how the system works:

1. The competition judges score the riders tricks using the Android tablets. The application uses a very intuitive interface for listing and scoring the tricks. Two riders heats are scored simultaneously.
The tablets are connected using a LAN(local area network) to a main laptop computer.

2. While the judges input the scores, these are sent directly to the main system laptop computer which is supervised by a main judge or event organizer. This person approves the entries to avoid any wrongly typed entries by the judges.

3. If a 3G/4G/LTE/Wifi internet connection exists on location, the approved scores are then immediately sent to the main server and are posted live on the competition website.
If no internet connection exists, then the scores are stored temporarily on the main competition laptop computer until it is connected to the internet to update the scoring live on the website.

For some more images and to see how the system works follow this link!

If you would like to find out more about Epikoo Live Scoring system please contact the Epikoo team.