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KB4Girls: Ride for a Cause


The KB4Girls Foundation was created to bring together all women who love kiteboading, regardless of their age, social status or riding skills. As their mission states, the “KB4Girls empowers girls and women through the sport of kiteboarding”. Apart from this mission, the KB4Girls has several other objectives, as supporting female athletes, rising the world wide interest for sport and helping women in need all around the world.

The KB4Girls site is online starting with the 1st of February 2011 and the full 2011 events schedule has been published. Starting with the 8th of March until the 18th of December there are 10 major events organized by the Foundation. The events will take place all over the world and are dedicated to both advanced and beginner riders. “Pro” events are dedicated to advanced riders and several international pro riders are expected to participate, “Unite” events are dedicated to beginner riders and focus more on fun than on competition and the “For a Cause” events are fund raising events, intended to support people in need across the Globe. “For a Cause” events are opened to all participants. They should create a fund raising page on the KB4Girls website and gather $250 together with their family or friends. The target amount of money for KB4Girls members is $200.

The next “For a Cause” event will take place between the 8th and 10th of July this year in Saal, Germany and it is opened for advanced riders. If you have the chance to join this event you are encouraged to do that, because apart from having a great time you will give a hand to those who are in need.   

You can check the full 2011 schedule of events and find additional info on the KB4Girls official web page.