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The Newcomer’s Handbook to Kiteboarding


Learning kiteboarding can be a challenging task, but with proper guidance it can be done. It is always better to take some lessons before venturing out on the water, but you can also pick up the basics by paying attention to kiteboarding tutorials.

The Newcomer’s Handbook to Kiteboarding represents a series of articles intended to introduce you to this great sport and help you learn to ride all by yourself. All the articles are linked and feature image galleries and videos to help you get a better picture of kiteboarding basics. Read the articles, consult the additional media and don't forget to practice in a safe environment.

Good Winds!


  1. Training Kites - An easy way to get accustomed to kite setup and flying

  Training kites are similar with power kites, with the

  exception that they don’t develop so much power... [read more]


  2. Wind Conditions and the Wind Window - The way in which wind affects your flight

  The wind window represents the kite’s flying area.

  The kite deploys a certain amount of power... [read more]


  3. Rigging the Kite - The correct way to set up your kite

  The first thing you need to do is take the kite

  out of the bag and unfold it. Pick up the pump... [read more]


  4. Launching and Landing the Kite - The correct way to launch and land your kite

  When you launch the kite be careful to set it at around 90 degrees

  to the wind angle, positioned on the edge of the wind window... [read more]


  5. Trimming the Kite - How to regulate the kite’s power

  Trimming the kite refers to the techniques needed to regulate

  its power. When you move the control bar up and down... [read more]


  6. Body Dragging - Learn the basics of body dragging

  The body dragging technique lets the rider feel and control the power of

  the kite while you are in the water. After you launch your kite... [read more]


  7. The Board - Information about kiteboards

  Kiteboards are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

  The most popular and easier to use by beginners is the... [read more]


  8. The Waterstart - How to perform the waterstart and the quick start

  The waterstart is a must-know technique for all kiteboarders.

  First you need to practice it on land and with a trainer kite... [read more]


  9. The Water Relaunch - How to perform the water relaunch

  The water relaunch technique is not difficult. You just need to learn

  the basics and practice. When the kite is crashed it usually ... [read more]


  10. Heading Upwind - Learn to ride upwind

  When you get onto the board and start riding you will usually go downwind.

  It is a good start, but you will probably want to go upwind... [read more]


  11. Kiting Around Other Riders - Learn to ride safely along other kiteboarders

  When there are more riders on the waves there is the possibility to

  interfere with them. You must make sure that you avoid colliding... [read more]


  12. Board Retrieving Techniques -  Learn to retrieve your board safely

  There are times when the board slips off your feet or a trick goes wrong and

  you lose the board. To continue riding you must get it back... [read more]


  13.  Turning - Learn to turn on twin-tip, mutant and directional boards

  You have to turn round when you want to change the direction in which

  you are heading. Position the kite up in a slow motion... [read more]


  14. Rescue Procedures - Learn the common rescue techniques

  Self rescue techniques are very important. The first thing you need to do is

  make sure that you are attached to the leash and then let go of the bar... [read more]


  15. Underpowered vs. Overpowered - What you should do in these situations

  When the wind passes over the wing, the kite generates power. When you

  are standing on the ground with the kite positioned... [read more]


  16. Jumping Techniques - Learn basic jumping techniques

  Jumps are fun and spectacular kiteboarding moves and all riders

  love them. They are not very difficult maneuvers, but... [read more]


  17. Landing Techniques - Learn to land safe and smoothly

  After you have performed a nice jump you also need to land. Landing

  can be tricky at the beginning, but once you practice... [read more]