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Presenting The Butterfly Effect International Water Women Movement

The Butterfly Effect

Founded by Tatiana Howard and Juliana Shelef back in 2007 in Hawaii, the Butterfly Effect is worldwide water women movement that aims to reach three main goals:

The first one is to instill self-confidence and love for the ocean in women. It reaches that goal by bringing women together for noncompetitive ocean sport gatherings and by organizing one-day downwind events, ocean sport holiday trips, and ocean sport clinic trips.

The second goal the Butterfly Effect movement goes after and that goal is to provide volunteer work and various community services wherever they are needed. At each event the organizers also raise funds for local charities.

The third goal the movement has its eye on is to provide water enthusiasts the ultimate playground by developing awareness and working hard to ensure the intergenerational sustainability of the environment. The environment must be taken care of so that existing water enthusiasts can enjoy it and so that the water enthusiasts of tomorrow can enjoy it as well.

The driving force behind The Butterfly Effect are the abovementioned Tatiana Howard and Juliana Shelef.

Tatiana Howard and Juliana Shelef, photo by Tracy Kraft

The movement’s story started back in 2007 in Hawaii, with Tatiana sharing an idea she had with Juliana. Since then that idea has grown into an international movement. It took a lot of hard work, mind you. Tatiana and Juliana have put in the time and effort to organize The Butterfly Effect events all over the world, including Brazil, New Zealand, France, United States (Oregon and Hawaii), Germany, Tahiti, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Israel, and Australia.

These events focused on three main sports, mainly windsurfing, kitesurfing, and SUP (stand-up paddling). The emphasis falls here on the word “main”. These are the main sports The Butterfly Effect events focus on, but not the only sports they focus on. Other sports, such as wakeboarding, surfing, and kayaking, are welcome as well.

The bottom line is this: if you want to take part in an international water women movement, if you want to attend fun events that put the spotlight on local needs and the environment, you need to join The Butterfly Effect. You can learn more about the movement on its official site here.