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Rigging the Kite

Rigging the Kite

The first thing you need to do is take the kite out of the bag and unfold it. Pick up the pump, insert the pump nozzle into the strut valve and inflate the strut. Close the valve and secure it, but be careful not to push the valve inside the strut. Carefully pump up the other struts. Afterwards inflate the leading edge. The leading edge should be inflated till it reaches a firm pressure. Flip the kite upside down and put it on the ground. To keep the kite stable pin it down on the ground with some sand.

The next thing you need to do is unwind the lines by starting from the kite and going downwind. Position the bar on the ground and remember that red goes for left hand side and blue to the right hand side. Also keep in mind that the kite is still upside down and the bar is positioned with the red part towards the right hand side and blue towards left hand side.

Go towards the kite holding the steering lines to make sure that there are no twists. The middle lines should be positioned between your legs.   Place a front line and a steering line to each side of the kite and connect them, making sure that they are not crossed or twisted. Also make sure that they cannot slip off. Follow the color coding to assemble the lines properly: blue line to blue connector and red line to red connector.

When you are done kiting, carefully remove the lines while keeping the kite steady. Wind the lines back on the bar, screwing them around the bar a couple of times. Then proceed to wind all the lines around the bar ends and when you are done secure them with the bar retainers. To deflate the kite turn it upside down and release the air from the struts. Let the air out from the leading edge as well and lay the kite on the ground. Then roll it up starting from the tips of each side till you reach the middle then fold it towards the leading edge and put it back in the bag.

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